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Women in Media

Women’s TV channel launched, finally
"part of the social fabric"

Press/Media Freedom

Top level negotiations free reporter
"taken hostage"

ftm Radio Page
Radio in Sweden

Record year for advertising, regulator sends message about rules
spot check

World Radio Day

Voices And Languages Connect People And Values
dial it in The UNESCO World Radio Day was marked almost everywhere this past week. By celebratory coincidence it arrived on Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, in English, after which the observant commence Lenten fasting. The special theme for World Radio Day 2018 activities was radio and sport, coinciding with the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.

Radio in Hungary

Rearranging everything, all the time can be a strategy
when nobody knows, nobody cares

Radio in the UK

Pop-up Culture Serves Media Well
pop-up boombox There are few proven rules to winning ratings battles other than being on is far better than being off. Sometimes new brands attract fans. Most of the time, well-known brands fix better into daily routines. Since no broadcaster really knows one day to the next what audiences will do with their media time the spaghetti rule applies. It’s easier than watching the pot.

In Big Business - Media Mergers and Acquisitions

Breaking News! The Plan Has Changed
great plan It is always best, we have learned, to take with a grain of salt any “breaking news” headline. OK, a barrel of salt. Maybe a boat-load of salt. We must temper the excitement no matter how, well, exciting.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Single Bulb
bulb Big media deals are always attention-getting. Media watchers wax on about consolidation, digital, jobs and competition. Money by the pile being what it is, most transactions of a certain scale are rather creative. Give thanks to the accountants and hedge fund managers for keeping the last light on.


In Write On - Digital News

Digital news platform attracts support, scares others

High Risk Diets Affect Reality Acceptance
meet the Jetsons News publishers no longer have ink in their veins. That’s been replaced with a concoction of algorithms and virtual reality heavily salted with fake news. Arteries clogged by the high-fat comfort food of advertising are being cleansed by a regimen of members, followers, supporters and benefactors. The refreshed heart embraces risk, antidote for every evil.

Fake News Hate Speech and Propaganda

Safer Internet Day is upon us
Sesame Street to be labeled?

Publisher's pained plea returns
"pathway to cure"

It’s A Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake News World
mad world It’s been an exciting time for fake news. Designated two months ago the 2017 word of the year, fake news has moved from strength to strength. Not only is everybody talking about it, fake news purveyors are revelling in their dark basements. Being a post-modern cultural icon requires dedication and more, just like bitcoin. - a knowledge base for media professionals

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