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Notice of service change - effective September 1, 2014

Regular readers and visitors have offered several suggestions to improve our publication output. These changes will be effective September 1st, 2014. All readers and visitors will notice different Knowledge file and article formats, newsletter schedule as well as access and material pricing.

We are adopting a more long-form format with primary articles on media issues. This will allow greater depth and context. Shorter, more headline oriented material will continue to be posted as Tickle File items.

Many readers have called for improved Knowledge file release scheduling. We agree. As Knowledge files are updated and new ones created they will become timely and less reliant on archive material. Members can request Knowledge files at no charge.

We consider the ftm newsletter, delivered by email, an important part of the service to readers and visitors. It will now be sent twice a month, roughly on the 1st and 15th. In time the newsletter format will also slightly change. Those readers and visitors requiring more timely alerts to new material posted to the site, we suggest subscribing to the RSS feed, the Twitter feed and/or the FollowTheMedia Group at LinkedIn.

Pricing for Individual and Corporate ftm Membership will not change. The reduced-access Site Memberships have been discontinued.

ftm - the knowledge base for media professionals is a thoughtful journalistic access-point for media professionals, concentrating on the complex global media world. Our principal writers each have more than 30 years experience in different aspects of media on both sides of the Atlantic. Major, original articles are posted through the week along with short-takes on current media news and follow-up on major media themes.

We cover media issues worldwide, concentrating on Europe and North America. What happens on one side of the Atlantic often impacts on the other side and always offers important lessons. In addition we keep a close watch on Asia, particularly China, the Middle East and Africa – regions with expanding media influence on the entire world. We keep up to date through many, mostly local, highly qualified resources.

From our registration database we know that our readership consists of professionals whose daily lives somehow cross media paths -- from the boardroom of major media companies, to senior media business and editorial executives, politicians and government bodies, advertising and public relations, journalists, educators and students, and a notable presence from the financial sector. We therefore choose our subjects with such readership in mind. ftm Members have many benefits, including reduced rates on documents, resources and services. See more on ftm Member plans here. You can register for the free newsletter here. We also offer an RSS feed.


The value-added nature of our articles is to explain what is happening in the industry by offering our own unique analysis, having worked in and breathed media all our lives. We try to spot trends before they become trends. We are opinionated and we make no excuse for that -- we are told by many readers that our analysis and the background is a major reason for their daily visits. Our writing style is simple, genuine and understandable; emphasizing insight supported by data in the ftm Resource section. Because our readership is global we take great care to explain terms that might be unfamiliar and to avoid jargon. We write articles touching subjects missed or avoided by other media and trade sources.

In addition to feature length articles, we also provide several other regular items. The Tickle File contains short items daily that we think you’ll find interesting, and, of course, we’re not shy to give our analysis there, too. In addition we have the News From You section for comments and releases from individuals and organizations. Your contributions are always welcome. We post News From You items in the original language received, limited to English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and edit only for clarity. We welcome information about your events, conferences, workshops, conventions and meetings. Send us your News From You items via this link. We also offer services to event organizers.

We regularly publish and update Knowledge Files, subject-specific documents, typically 30 to 60 pages in pdf format. These are available at no additional charge to ftm members and offered to non-members at a nominal charge. And ftm members can design their own. Check out the available Knowledge files.

ftm in the Classroom

Schools and universities can benefit from a special offering of ftm material for classroom use. Several instructors have taken advantage of this program over the years, often designing special uses and projects. ftm in the Classroom is an affordable option for challenging students with broad and timely topics and information about the 21st century media world.

Instructors and their students can access all ftm site material – including access to Knowledge files – for €1 per student per week, limited to 20 students for 15 weeks. In addition, custom Knowledge files can be created for specific course requirements on a first-come, first-served basis. At the end of the 15 week term, instructors and students can become Individual Site Members to complete a full year for €15.

We have in the past assisted instructors with access to other specialized materials and media sector experts. We would like to help however we can but cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled. But, it’s always good to ask.

Contact us for more information. email here

What is RSS?

ftm offers an RSS feed of its headlines as they are posted. RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It's one way of following the media really fast. Whenever we post a new article, it's listed in the RSS feed. But you need an RSS reader. Many are available, and free! Go to your favorite search engine and look for "RSS Reader." We are using RSS version 2.0.1.

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