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ftm offers a variety of specialized marketing and sponsorship programs to reach media professionals world-wide.

ftm Sponsorship

Run-of-site ads are available on new and updated article pages. Banner ads may be text or graphic; Java script, too. Banners are limited to site width 720 px. Box ads are limited to 250 px width. Sponsors can also choose specific ftm Agenda sections for more targeted reach. Rates are determined by reach and frequency, one month minimum.

Event Marketing and Promotion

ftm offers a special marketing program for conference and convention organizers. Basic ftm calendar listings are always free, priority given to ftm members. ftm's event marketing program combines newsletter and keyword specific site placement with event information prior to, during and following your conference or convention. In addition, the ftm team is available to produce custom Knowledge files for use as conference materials in any language. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Knowledge files

ftm produces monthly subject-specific Knowledge files which include new and archived material researched and written by the ftm team, typically 20-25 articles, 40-60 pages. Most are updated at least once per year. These are offered at no charge to ftm Members.

Your message can be placed within a Knowledge file of your choosing: (a) logo identification on the cover page, full page message within and contact details. A sponsored Knowledge file will be offered free to all ftm visitors. In addition, a sponsored Knowledge file can be licensed for distribution to other data-bases.

Knowledge files can also be customized to fit specific needs and interests. Please contact us with your ideas.

ftm newsletter

ftm's twice-monthly newsletter is circulated free to registered readers. Text-only ads limited to 200 words are available on a weekly and monthly basis. Three (3) ads are offered in the newsletter - top, center and bottom. The weekly rate is €1000, monthly €3000.

ftm page tools sponsor program

Search results, print page and email page tools can be sponsored to reach those who search through the ftm site and pass articles on to others. Your message is inserted in each search tool results page, visitor requested print page and visitor requested email page. You logo will appear on each page as the page tools sponsor. There is a three (3) month minimum for this program beginning at €3,000 per month.


All rates quoted above are effective January 1, 2007 and are net to ftm partners. Advance payment is required for first-time sponsors. ftm members receive priority in all sponsorship programs. All ads will be screened for appropriate content.


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