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TV News

News channel staff strikes over controversial showhost, “trumpization”
rebranding on hold

Big Business

Blinking Is A Nervous Tick And Bad For Business
blinkie blinkie Executives are much happier exploring new opportunities than tackling headaches arising from the normal course of business. Shareholders are only happy when profits and dividends flow. The most successful - and thriving - management strategies keep sharp attention on happiness. When throbbing headaches invade the spirit pain relief becomes an object. Holidays are helpful.

New media takes strategy long-term
development well-placed


Public Broadcasting

Government recommends no vote on public broadcasting
no disruption

The Perils Of Litigating A Digital News Cycle
keys Feuding publishers and public broadcasters are by no means ready to put down their pens, pixels or pitchforks. Battles over the illusive digital dividend shuttle between courtrooms and smoke-filled rooms. Laws are unclear, politicians uneasy and time passes quickly. Litigating the past, in the digital age, is quite unproductive.



The Movies

Viewers “yelling” as Bollywood banned
“the prevailing atmosphere”


Media and Election Campaigns

Election Campaign Antics Cross Borders, For What It’s Worth
safe That the news media rides on the coat-tails of startling headlines and sound bites is far from a revelation. Social media throws little snippets of color onto a revolving pallet, often revolting. Managing all this, for one purpose or another, occupies the most sacred of democratic processes, elections. Facts are transient, spin normal. To deny, disclaim, has become high art.




ftm Radio Page
Radio in the Netherlands

Radio ads rebound, cars and retail lead
“many music festivals”

Radio in Finland

New owner sees opportunity in diversity
“rescue operation”

Digital Radio

Stop the change, says politician
“creates uncertainty”

Digital transition still waiting at the gate
“laws are needed”

Broadcasters see digital transition through bigger chips
“no cut-off date for FM”

Digital uncertainty increases, money more than audience
global trends speeding on

Radio in Belgium

Foreign language station too foreign, suspended by regulator
there's still the web, so far

Media in Hungary

In the jungle of dwindling fortunes, media investors seek safety
new concept or not


Press Freedom

Undercover agency wants secrets kept secret, media defiant
“probably, hopefully”

Forget Me Knots And Memory Holes
memory hole The digital dividend continues to chill the journalistic air. Online services give too much or too little, attract too many people but far less revenue. Search engines and aggregators are the new street corner kiosks. Libraries store newspapers for hundreds of years or until the paper disintegrates. Nobody goes there in the smartphone age. They go online where nothing is lost or forgotten.




State Aid - Media Rules

Everybody And Everything Competes, Rules To Follow
on your mark Repurposing rules for the digital age is, at best, a tedious, time consuming job. But necessity is the mother of regulation. The media sector is particularly susceptible to digital anxieties in the midst of competition unforeseen only a few years ago, or moments, as the case seems to be. Those designing new media rules are sensitive to this. Competitive advantage is always suspect, though not well understood.


    ftm Knowledge
  • State Aid - Media Rules – new
    National authorities have at their disposal a variety of economic measures to stimulate, develop and improve competitive market sectors. Sometimes they miss the big picture or have special circumstances. Within the European Union an executive branch of the European Commission stands ready to clarify the rules of each and every game. State Aid rules are developing as the playing field gets bigger. 35 pages, PDF (September 2016)

    Order here