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Hot Topic - Online Radio and Streaming Audio

New Media Audience Seeks Stories, Platforms Shift - December 15, 2015
The nature of things is that wonderful ebb and flow between adapting and extinction. This is not a value judgment, just an observation. The media sphere, itself thereof created, has grown - maybe grown crazy - being tossed by tides and waves, most recently digital. Ain’t it fun?

The Message Is Money And It All Sounds Cool - June 15, 2015
If there is any message from the rise of media by subscription it is that the business universe has no patience with “digital pennies.” People will pay, as always, for the cool thing. But the trick is not to invent it. That’s been done. Reaching the young and restless with smartphone in hand means giving them entry to something they can only buy. The business is clear.

Playing Nice To Get Lucky - February 10, 2014
Innovation is often seen as coming from young minds at hard labor fueled by Red Bull and pizza. Some of that is true, particularly the pizza bit. As digital markets mature the other source of innovation is much less frantic and involves coupling needs and wants by finding benefits for all. Of course, everybody wants to get lucky.

Up, Up And Away For Internet Radio - July 27, 2011
Higher listening rates are encouraging to radio broadcasters. Almost everywhere more people are tuning in. Evidence is emerging that much of the increase is coming from the Web. Ad revenue is sure to follow.

Music Industry Crisis Continues, Blame Everybody Else - January 25, 2011
Of all content producers, the music industry faced the digital revolution first. It has been the proverbial canary in the mineshaft. Music executives responded by fighting the Web, consumers and everybody else. The result is unsurprising.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Clever - June 25, 2010
New media has turned content industries on their heads, shaken them and delivered a few bruises. Powered by a racing technology, Web and mobile services left the injured to squeal and moan. Content is again a battleground and the armies bigger than ever.

Audience: Gross and Net - June 22, 2009
With the great 21st century platform shift there’s more audience out there broadcasters have discovered. Tracking them down is something of a challenge. It may take non-linear thinking.

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