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ftm Radio Page
Radio and Music

Off The Charts But Always In Your Heart
"you have to admit it's getting better"

Radio Advertising

Radio ad winners funny, brave, smart
"great piece of work"

Radio Audience

Where public broadcasters lead audiences remain stable
still waiting for the digital dividend

Radio in Poland

New direction loses public radio audience
format competition moves otherwise

Radio in the Netherlands

Change in news programs sparks outbursts
"What's good is good"

Radio in Belgium

Tune Out, Listen Up, Get Ratings: Very Simple
blah, blah, blah The greatest competitive advantage always goes to broadcasters who “hear” the audience best. Sometimes this secret runs counter to critics, media buyers and, yes, the technology people. Taking the long-view, no matter how difficult, helps to tune-out the noise. These are important talents.




Media in the Western Balkans

For Usual Suspects Declining Independent Media Part Of The Plan
5 alarm An article of faith among adherents to democratic principles is the significance of an independent public broadcasting service. Even commercial competitors, broadcasting and otherwise, accept, however tepidly, that public broadcasters lift the media market creatively and economically. None of that matters to the recently risen illiberal dictators and oligarchs. The consequence has unleashed a return to State broadcasting, easier on the populist ears and eyes.

Not Even Rich People Feel Safe In The Media Business
better than tin foil For media outlets in fledgling democracies getting ahead of the curve, so to speak, is difficult. Agents of media development, largely from the outside, will do only so much, particularly as results depend on factors unseen and unexpected. Local owners and operators see only hard decisions. Those on the front-line are left to their own wit and wisdom.




Fake news is good, drives people to real news, free PR
reporters live for those likes

Reporting prize supports forward-looking work
"a powerful light"


The Happy Advertising People

It’s hot but not so sunny in ad-land
"effectively immediately"


Media in Poland

Publisher Promises Persistence In Face Of Political Games
cheese Big publishers and broadcasters have good reasons to pursue investment opportunities across borders. International expansion is considered a normal extension of business strategy. Aside from money, always the primary motivation, new markets add depth to the corporate gene pool.



Online News

Free online land! Sign up now!
don't drink the water

Social media has many problems, trust the biggest
"post-truth world"

Online publishers still looking for the digital sweet spot
Some will pay, just not that many


Press/Media Freedom

Politicians try to avoid news media, failing again
"stand down"


Media in Russia

Digital transition means downsizing followed by bad PR
"reduced to pensioners"


Media in Bulgaria

Catching up brings good news to broadcasters
"slow and steady"


Elections and Media

Sharing Means Caring… And Voting
one among many Elections are media events and have been for decades. Voters are, in democracies, the ultimate arbiter. Each one processes election information uniquely; agreeing, disagreeing, dismissing, engaging or any possible combination. Campaign strategies focus on motivating as well as discouraging and sometimes confusing. Mass media tools are important, new media tools vital.

Some news outlets always in the thick of it
more than one thread

Broadcasters disadvantage in political ads race with online rejected by politicians
"propaganda would be omnipresent"


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

On A Clear Day, You Can See Fake News Forever
vive la france Fake news peddlers have had a long and prosperous run. Popping out all over the web like adolescent acne and spread unhindered by social media they have appropriated digital magic for disruption or more nefarious purposes. Leaders in the enlightened world, including real news publishers, have hesitated, mostly, bringing them to heel, press and speech freedoms still important. Then came a few rather significant elections.

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    Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda – new
    The institutional threat of fake news, hate speech and propaganda is testing the mettle of those who toil in news media. Those three related evils are not new, by any means, but taken together have put the truth and those reporting it on the back foot. Words matter. This ftm Knowledge file explores that light. 48 pages, PDF (March 2017)

    Order here

Public Broadcasting

News chief gets heave-ho after public relations train wreck
"safeguard the environment"


Streaming Media

Adaptation Is Not Transformation
blockbuster Revising media rules from the depths of the last century for today’s digital consumer preferences challenges the best and brightest legal minds. There is great and valuable logic in adapting what has gone before, not to forget warm fuzzy comfort. But rule makers are inevitably frustrated when the world changes before the ink dries on their latest remedy. A linear process disintegrates in complexity.


Digital Symbols And Feeling Important
Homer and Marge Everything about the Cannes Film Festival carries symbolic weight. Juries are made up of really important people. Films allowed for screening are obviously very important. Those nominated for top honors are super important. Palme d’Ore winners are beyond important, exalted even. Those other film awards - Oscars, BAFTAs - are, well, nice.