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The News Media

Incredibly, Credibility Is Now An Alternative Fact
your nose will grow Business and financial news outlets are distinct among information providers. They are many and varied; some international, others quite local. While many report news broadly, the key ingredients have always been facts and figures mixed with rumors sufficient to satisfy investors, shareholders, executives and all who watch them. All these outlets have struggled, some more than others, with digital competition. Credibility is of the utmost importance.


News media awards emotion, this year it’s rage
“the world we live in”


“Massive” trust in news media increase, study
less social media related

Remember that story about people who buy ink by the barrel?
“like one of the oligarchs”


The Happy Advertising People

The effect of more TV ads, fewer viewers, lower ad rates
“drown viewers in advertising”


ftm Radio Page
Radio in Switzerland

In the digital age, broadcast licenses are so last century
Do what you like

Glacial change is still change
and change the measurement, too

World Radio Day

Real People, When Itís Warm Or Cold, Share With Their Voices
radio sand sculpture With every word and thought in every language now streamlined - and streamed - for specific audience targets it is good to appreciate the resilience of electronic media. Broad reach may not satisfy media buyers but thereís a feel to it. Digital media may well be effective and efficient but itís undeniably cold. Sands are shifting; they always do.

Radio in the UK

Buoyancy, Weight And Floating In The Digital Seas
duck floats Pity the poor media buyer. With audience estimates for various segments appearing minute by minute there is no time to reflect. Fortunately, algorithms do all the heavy lifting now. When the numbers change very little it is an opportunity to consider a leisurely cruise and dance with the robot.


Radio in France

Public radio strong with urban audience
not a dinosaur

UK Newspapers

Unreliable, not quite fake news outlet shamed
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Media literacy should be taught, beware of the teachers


Fake news in check and less bling
“we have to fight back”


Ideas Abound In Brave New Media World
write on Sharp, often scathing words and images in the news are meant to shock. Sometimes this sells, circulations and ratings boosted. A slap can also inform. Not all stories benefit from tact and subtlety. It is the privilege of a free press.




Media in Denmark

User experience enhanced by focus on users
“wildly irritating”


Media in Romania

Advertisers bolt news channels on political coverage
journalists on black list


Press Freedom

News outlets face uncertainty with… certainty
We’ve been here before, don’t be intimidated

That knock on the door in the middle of the night
"They didn't tell me the reasons"