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ftm Radio Page
Radio in Greece

Rights lawyers force name change at small broadcaster
"something special"

Radio in Poland

Discomfort to the ear calls for solutions in limited supply
qualifications, notwithstanding

Radio in Africa

Turf-war threatens broadcaster amidst civil war
"still broadcasting"

Media lights in terrible places
the thread of corruption

Radio in Hungary

When waiting is a cost of doing business
No hurry, no worry

Radio in the UK

What's behind the surge in radio advertising?
Alexa, turn on the radio

International Broadcasting

Broadcaster focuses attention on harassment
out of order

In The Public Service

Denials notwithstanding, politicians and their friends target public broadcaster
"I got used to it"

Public Interest Overwhelms Populists
Barts Fun Run Populism as a political force is fueled by angst. Itís a simple as that. The dressed up language of freedom, free-markets and free thought is just so much hot air next to good, old fashioned fear and loathing. Sometimes that moves voters; recently, to be sure. But sometimes voters reject the rants and bombast in favor of perspective.

Populists face push-back from public broadcaster
lawsuits, not satire

Censors and Censorship

Censors can't hear the music
Another take on teaching the world to sing

Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Everybodyís Off The Hook - Boggled Minds Love Fake News
off the hook Projected as an assault on liberal democracies, the blow-back against fake news has landed squarely at the doors of the internet providers, web portals and social media networks that happen to host the vile transgressions. After putting up quaint resistance, typically citing free speech and such, the masters of the digital universe have found their executives sitting before various government panels explaining how they got so rich being so bad. The message from these meetings has always been the same: thereís a real language barrier between digital technology and elected governments.

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    The Curse Everybody Knows But No Body Wants To Tackle
    As the digital revolution matures no one is left speechless. We share. We shout. We are connected. We are confused. Immense wealth and endless utility have defined the digital dividend along with a poverty of opportunity and understanding. These are still big days for fake news.

  • Hot Topics - Fake News

Elections and Media

Election stress brings out media prosecutions
Talk-show hosts chime in

The Happy Advertising People

Basics Are Back, A Bit Less Digital
chain of fools So much newness is upon the land. Everything is new. Even new is new. But thatís not news. What can we use? Do we choose? Along the way we are confused. Are we in the supply chain or dissolved into Blockchain? Many have the blues.

Investigative Reporting

Another journalist murdered, everybody’s shocked, everybody knows
"now take responsibility"

Frivolous Lawsuits Against Investigative Reporting Challenged
bullies Folks caught in dodgy deeds really hate nosy reporters connecting the dots. The publicís interest is tweaked; prosecutors, sometimes, to follow. Miscreants, though, have many tools to ward-off media intrusion. Those who run in dark circles choose bats, bombs or worse. If an aura of respectably is more important others choose lawsuits.


In Big Business - Media Mergers and Acquisitions

From Leaps Of Faith To Escaping The Fog
watch your step Entering a transitional media market is always a leap of faith. Investors weigh opportunity with costs, always considering the learning curve. To thrive several conditions are helpful; from economic and political to social and cultural. When transition stagnates - or worse - the next leap is to the exits.