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Fake News Hate Speech and Propaganda

Publisher's pained plea returns
"pathway to cure"

Itís A Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake News World
mad world Itís been an exciting time for fake news. Designated two months ago the 2017 word of the year, fake news has moved from strength to strength. Not only is everybody talking about it, fake news purveyors are revelling in their dark basements. Being a post-modern cultural icon requires dedication and more, just like bitcoin.

ftm Radio Page
Radio in Greece

Market forces, strikes hit "historic" broadcaster
"cannot continue to work"

Radio in France

Winter winds blow cold for commercial broadcasters
sour brand personality

No cover for broadcasting executive charged with bad practice
tree-top flyer could be grounded

Radio in Germany

Public and private radio owners separate, no anxiety
"logical step"

Radio in Denmark

Broadcasters see podcast audience growth, hot topics
For the young and on the move

Media in Poland

Alternative to measurement reality questioned
"another big problems"

Press/Media Freedom

Courts in conflict, journalists stay in jail
"no progress"

Publisher sets New Year’s book sales on fire
can't stop the presses



In The Public Service

News, Culture, Equality And Wisdom
Edward R Murrow Jobs are important. Life is difficult without them. People prepare diligently and carefully for jobs, mostly, though some just fall into them. All jobs confer status, some more than others. Media jobs, and others in the public eye, attract certain attention. Sometimes itís the profile or proximity to bright lights. But media jobs are just that, jobs; hard to get, hard to keep.


The ftm 2017 Greatest Hits

Disruption has seized us all. Its grasp through this century has offered, at once, new thinking and an uncertain odyssey. But disruption through 2017 has been laid bare by consequences. Media organizations look for safety in scale. Fake news begets fake reality. Technology overwhelms trust. The 2017 ftm Greatest Hits collection recalls the effects.

Media in Spain

Publishers See Reader Exits, Falling Revenues, Not Ready For Reality
What is this? Publishing the printed newspaper in the digital age has become an act heroic bravery. It is well known - and very well reported - that circulations have fallen, some precipitously. Publishers everywhere have given up and given in to the digital urge, citing voluminous evidence that the printed page is doomed. Others march on, not so much to engage the digital wind turbines but to defy them.

Legacy news executive to exit, calls out advertising, the internet
"massive is massive"