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Media Rules

There Are Many Arguments For Erasing An Argument
erase and rewind The titans of digital technology believed, a generation ago, that their inventions would power great good and such progress would be universally approved. They talked about creating unlimited access to knowledge and unfettered social interaction. The world beat a path to their door, to paraphrase the old parable about the power of innovation. Algorithms led to new fortunes as well as bots, trolls and other evils. Knowledge unbound beget battles over copyright, privacy and, ultimately, order versus disorder.

Court decision reverses decision that reversed another decision, more decisions expected
"at worst it will be 2020 or 2021"


TV Land

A gaffe is something said that ultimately reveals truth
TV still for couch potatoes

Security In Scale Brings Opportunities, Insecurity Brings The For-Sale Sign
open house Strong news brands, by and large, have discovered two things recently. Number one is the fragility, to be generous, of advertising revenues, digital and otherwise. Second and just as important is the rise of subscription revenue for big news brands like the New York Times and the Guardian. In addition, though most significantly in the US market, is the Trump Effect, passionate foes and fans of US president Donald Trump are paying to see what they want to see.


Producers told not to stray from the formula
"Experimental thrillers" limited


Media in the Western Balkans

Reporters losing patience with platitudes
"beautiful things"


Media in Spain

Legacy news executive to exit, calls out advertising, the internet
"massive is massive"

Competing Ideas Challenge The Media Sector
mediation Advocates of democratic values view as essential a free flow of information. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press are often enshrined in constitutions and similar documents presented and accepted by citizens. Media providers in democracies are, then, tasked with keeping people informed, typically through privately-owned and publicly-supported publishers and broadcasters, all legally established. Ideas are allowed to compete, officially. It was always a good plan. Too bad it is falling apart. The simultaneous rise of "illiberal" authoritarians, freely accessible digital platforms and acrimonious entitlement has turned the sound of democracy into painful noise.

Media Storm Threats Gather, So Far Mostly High Winds
not in Kansas any more Every turbulence places the media in the eye of the storm. Blame the media has become the common refrain, typically from those unable to see beyond their own spin. If only there was control, churn some. If only there was decency, plead others. The media has become the eye of the storm.


ftm Radio Page
Radio in France

Audience expects show hosts to fit channel, not really loyal

Radio in the Czech Republic

To boost the ratings bring on the billionaires
it's money that matters

Radio in Poland

Digital radio a perfect place to re-educate
"relevant mission"

Radio in Sweden

National licenses auctioned, same names win
FM continues

New ad trend: digital off, radio on
something local is happening


Press/Media Freedom

Tough reporting amidst threats, prosecution and new media
"do good"


Investigative Reporting

Forget everything else, we’ve got the headline
"just landed"

Suspects are many, and they are in charge
"The situation is desperate"