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Media in Spain

Publishers See Reader Exits, Falling Revenues, Not Ready For Reality
What is this? Publishing the printed newspaper in the digital age has become an act heroic bravery. It is well known - and very well reported - that circulations have fallen, some precipitously. Publishers everywhere have given up and given in to the digital urge, citing voluminous evidence that the printed page is doomed. Others march on, not so much to engage the digital wind turbines but to defy them.

Legacy news executive to exit, calls out advertising, the internet
"massive is massive"


ftm Radio Page
Digital Radio

Drama expected in next chapter of digital transition
"It will be big"

Digital radio crashes in favor of 5G
"to put it bluntly"

Radio in Poland

Top national channels zoom ahead, regulator adds frequencies
audiences desert state channels

Radio in Spain

New public radio channel promises to stay on the air
a long time coming


Sports and Media

Broadcasters hesitate on Olympics broadcasts, fans still interested
"decision not yet adopted"


Happy Advertising People

Ad forecasts up, gobbled by Google and Facebook
"faster than expected"


TV Land

TV busting out kids channels all over
radical changes


In The Public Service

Black Sheep Populists Troll Public Broadcasting
trolls Scratch the surface of any particular debate about public broadcasting and a rash quickly swells up. Private sector broadcasters itch to grab listeners and viewers who would so obviously stream to their channels. Publishers see a fountain of youth, all ready to subscribe. Politicians, splinter and otherwise, are tormented by that "independent" monster waving bad news, robbing them of entitled glory or, usually, shade. It is tempting, then, for public broadcasters to break out in hives.

Media in Germany

The unconventional in times of stress and confusion
more reality, please


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Looking into the inner realm of social media, what a lovely place
"The job can be demanding"

Digital Football And The Virtual Free-For-All
directions here Fake news, investigators far and wide have concluded, is a big problem. Government leaders, generally, agree. Solutions they have proposed are, unfortunately, so analogue. This video game has pivoted to algorithms.





Online Media

Differing views of what is and is not promising
very hot right now

Purely Destructible, Online Media Asks What Happened
just a shout away Every good idea, media included, germinates on the web. But the digital marketplace is not without pitfalls. For news and entertainment pure players - web-only media - the inevitable Darwinian shake-out is always just shout away. Oh children, woe be onto you for disappointing the investors.