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ftm Hot Topics 8 June, 2008
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Hot Topic - WAN Congress


ftm Coverage of WAN Congress/World Editors Forum 2008

How’s That Newspaper Phone Doing?
Newspapers are being urged to create marketing excitement with new ways of delivering their news and one of the great new ideas -- a newspaper phone that has a special button that takes the user directly to the newspaper’s mobile web site — launched in December in Sweden. After some six months it’s attracting about 50,000 unique users a month.

To ACAP or Not To ACAP, That Is The Question As Google, Yahoo And MSN Open Up Transparency On How They Use Robots.Txt
When it comes to Google and newspaper web sites publishers around the world seem to be of two minds – that the traffic Google sends to their own sites by linking to a headline and a few words of a story is worth gold in added traffic and thus hopefully higher advertising rates, while others cry out about copyright infringements – the Belgians have already launched a second lawsuit against the search engine asking for some €49 million ($77 million).

Here’s Another New Buzzword To Hit Reporters Out In The Field – Mojo (Mobile Journalist)
When a news powerhouse like Reuters talks about giving special Nokia mobile phone fitted with keyboard, microphone and tripod with some 20 hours of video storage to all its reporters then maybe the time of the mojo (mobile journalist) has finally arrived. And judging from presentations made at an international editors convention this week that mobile phone may well become the standard tool that journalists can’t leave home or office without.

WAN Finally Issues A Sports Rights Resolution
Finally the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has issued a resolution condemning the growing tendency of sports organizations to restrict coverage of their events, both in print and digitally.

Should Newspapers Give Up On The Young?
It’s pretty well understood that not too many young people pay to read newspapers these days and that most attempts by paid-for newspapers to woo the young to print have failed, so newspaper executives Tuesday discussed whether trying to get the young back to print is really worth all the effort. And the general feeling seemed to be to give up the lost cause.

If Newspapers Are To Remain The DNA of Our Democracies Then There Is No Choice But To Integrate Print And Digital Newsrooms With Print As The Core
The print newspaper should be the major anchor – the core -- for expansion into the digital world, global newspaper executives heard at their annual meeting this week, but that is easier said than done.

There Is Still A Great Future For Print Newspapers Says The President Of The World Association of Newspapers – Well, He Would Say That, Wouldn’t He!
One place the naysayers of newspaper profitability are not welcome this week is Gothenburg, Sweden, where some 1800 senior media executives from around the world have gathered to glory in their industry. The basic message, as told by Gavin O’Reilly, President of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), is that newspapers are not being reinvented, they are simply going through evolution.

China and Japan Power Total World Newspaper Circulation Higher, But For The US and The EU The Paid-For Circulation Is Down
World newspaper circulation rose by 18 million last year, but when you consider there was a gain of 18.4 million copies in China and India alone it gives a clear picture that paid-for circulation is not doing so well, especially in the US and the EU, according to figures from the annual World Press Trends study released by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN).

Hard To Believe Just A Couple Of Years Ago Dean Singleton Said Newspaper Financial Woes Were Just 'Cyclical' Now He Says Newspapers Need A New Print Model
“Lean Dean” Singleton has switched from his theory a couple of years back that US newspaper financial woes were cyclical and everything would get back to normal once the economy picked up. No longer, his theme these days is “Newspapers are not a dying business; they are a changing business,” and he told media executives Monday at an international media meeting that it is time to move to a print model that matches the times.

In Iraq Killing Journalists Remains A Sport, And There Are Few Places In The World Where Journalists Don't Come Under Pressure – Violent or Legal -- All Condemned In The World Association Of Newspapers Press Freedom Review
In the past six months alone 28 journalists have died around the world, nine of them in Iraq, making that country the most dangerous for working journalists. But that’s not the only place where journalists, and citizen journalists, face death or imprisonment, and the sad fact is that there is little let-up in global pressure on freedom of expression, according to the semi-annual report by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN).

If China Thought Stopping The Golden Pen Press Freedom Award Winner From Going To Sweden To Accept The Prize Would Dampen Criticism, Then It Sure Got That Wrong
It was intended to be embarrassing – for the second year in a row the winner of the Golden Press Freedom Award is Chinese – signifying the continuing lack of press freedom in that country, and China responded by stopping the winner and his family from traveling to Sweden to receive the prize and furthermore ordered its China Newspaper Association to boycott the event.

It Was A Nice Civil Discussion Between Western And Islam Journalists At A Meeting In Sweden About The Rights And Wrongs of The Danish Cartoons But The Terrorists Gave Their Answer 24 Hours Later With A Car Bomb Outside The Danish Embassy in Pakistan Killing At Least Eight
It was all civility at a round table discussion at the World Association of Newspaper Round Table Sunday about the rights and wrongs of those Danish cartoons that caused so much aggravation in the Islam world a couple of years back and then again were republished this year, but 24 hours later the world received yet another lesson that terrorists don’t like talking, they prefer to kill, and thus a massive bomb blast Monday outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad.

The State of the Print Media in the World

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