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ftm Radio Page - week ending May 12, 2017

Broadcaster seizes the sounds of spring
Happy toads

We are truly humbled by the imagination of Norwegian broadcasters. They’ve given the world cutting edge drama and, of course, slow TV. Like the slow TV broadcasts, many celebrating the country’s astounding natural beauty, there's a radio version.

One afternoon last week (May 3) public broadcaster NRK offered a special three-hour program fitting for emerging spring. Far from the city noise in the western county of More and Romsdal is the Austefjorden. It is home to Scandinavia's largest toad colony, noted (May 3). So, the local channel of national radio network NRK P1 treated the country to sounds of happy toads. (See more about media in Norway here)

NRK sent a whole crew of reporters along with toad experts to augment the ambient sound. For those requiring video, there was a webcam. And, of course, it was all available on Facebook.


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