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ftm 2011 Greatest Hits
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The ftm 2011 Greatest Hits

#1 - Digital Media Still About Business Models
FarmVille Digital development within media organizations seems to pass through four stages. The first response was to ignore it and maybe it would go away. The second was to loath it and maybe it would die. The third, now present, is to challenge it and maybe it can be controlled.




#2 - Death Of Radio Greatly Exaggerated
radio tombstone Iím a radio fan. Iíve always been one. Part of it is the mediumís playfulness and the magic of voices. There have been times, though, when Iíve worried that radio might be doomed.





#3 - Turning Online Buzz Into Second Screen TV
television buttons Serious people are studying online buzz. Seriously. And theyíre coming up with answers to questions only the serious would ask. It seems, they find, online buzz can boost television ratings.

#4 - Rupert Murdoch And A Fundamentally Changed World
Sun cover Rupert Murdoch will reportedly fly to London this week to rally his generals for the next skirmish in a war he cannot lose. The war to gain decisive competitive advantage for News Corporation in the UK media market is one he did not expect to fight on open terrain. Battles are very hard to control.




#5 - Triangulating Murdoch
chessboard Triangulation is a deft message management strategy, useful when touchy subjects prevent easy outcomes. Itís a creation for and of the media. Anybody with a gamblers nerve can play. Stakes in the News Corp BSkyB deal have moved to a new level.




#6 - Television, New Media Fight For Shifting News Role
closed shut happens Everything about the process and delivery of news changed with the rise of the Web and mobile media. Something, too, changed with the way news is used. Floating between these two fundamental changes is either anarchy or democracy.



#7 - The Blockbuster That Is Television
le blog de clem Most everyone in the television world is just pleased as punch with the Great Recovery of 2010. Swept away are the spider webs of recession, depression, viewer confusion, advertising dearth and austerity budgets. Bigger is back; audiences, advertisers, screens and shows. Whatís not to like?

#8 - Occupy News Corp
Occupy News Corp News media distinguishes itself from other enterprises with claims of a greater ethic. Bank shareholders, weíve learned, expect and get big profits, dividends and no silly chit-chat. Are we so different?



#9 - The Inside Scoop Ė Your Newspaper Isnít What It Used To Be
old newsroom For the past couple of years as newspapers cut back drastically on their staffing so revenue and costs could somehow survive together, there was usually a disingenuous note from publishers or editors that basically told their readers, ďNot to worry, youíll still get the same quality paper you had before.Ē Well, the Washington Post ombudsman in his final column has put an end to that lie.

#10 - A New Business Model Emerges To Support Print and Promote Digital
tablet New business models are emerging that turn newspaper companies into what they need to become -- news media companies -- with the bottom line that print becomes just one of several content platforms, with pricing to support all platforms while enabling print to maintain its niche.




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