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Hot Topic - Radio Audience

Digital Future Just A Shout Away - April 3, 2015
Chasing the digital dividend comes at no small expense. Costs always seem to rise with each new exciting advance in technology. For years, decades even, the chorus repeats “the future is digital,” arrival expected any day now. As with any investment there’s anxiety. And the best cure for anxiety, say the doctors, is more money.

What They Want Is Where They Are - March 9, 2015
Media consumers are, mostly, confined. They hear, see and touch what is nearest. This is called proximity, the branding concept considered the strongest. The web, smartphones and the rest of new media has the potential to change all of that, testing the ties that bind media outlets with their best friends. It is a challenge.

A Pinch Here And A Pinch There - February 23, 2015
It is a sign of the times that broadcasters, when faced with a restless audience and restive advertisers, struggle for balance. "Build an audience and the money will follow" rings hollow in the digital era, automated media buying only one challenge. Big media brands are at greatest risk because when money is scarce doing "more with less" pinches. And the audience notices, of course.

Young People Shake It Off, Broadcasters Persist - February 9, 2015
Broadcasters have long counted on young people for energy, boundless curiosity and a weld to the future. Old people are set in their ways and, today, that means so very last century. Adapting to the "shake it off" set transfixed on smartphones is now elemental, surprisingly simple and a great comfort to those adept. Mass audiences are, some say, a thing of the past. Still those who count are still counting.

Digital Transition More A Dance Than A Race - February 5, 2015
An easy path to digital transition for the media world somehow got lost in the fog. The road has been littered with great ideas that collapsed from fatigue of one kind or another. To those leading the march patience is not a virtue. Others take it all in stride.

The Secret: One Thing - January 14, 2015
Ratings can be so cruel. Getting folks to tune in is difficult. Getting them to say the right things to survey interviewers even more so, or so it can seem. Losing is always a surprise, winning far too simple.

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