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Hot Topic - Radio Audience

Shuffling The News And Changing The Channel - March 6, 2014
The news is the news is turning. Privately-owned broadcasters are challenging public radio channels known for news and information. Public broadcasters – and the politicians who run them – are reading the ratings and do not like what they see. But changes are just so negotiable.

Listening Rises As Boring Stations Lose - February 6, 2014
The audience chooses favorites. Sometimes new favorites get the nod, if they’re easy to find. Otherwise, people keep coming back to the best known brands though they hate being bored. You can’t outsmart them.

Anxious Audience Goes For Talk, Sometimes Music - January 16, 2014
National audience estimates, particularly those measuring most every person breathing, serve an important purpose. They focus the attention of owners, operators, media watchers and, sometimes, the public at large on broad strokes; winners and losers. Only media buyers tangle themselves in detail. And everybody knows the next ratings period is more important than the last.

The Audience Is Angry - November 21, 2013
Conventional wisdom holds that programmers must not upset the audience. With so many buttons to push, figuratively, people easily change channels. The challenge for broadcasters is to share the same moment. Music and news are only ingredients. More emotion is necessary.

There’s So Much More To Like - October 25, 2013
Broadcasting has survived it all; from consolidation and brand experiments to the digital dividend. The audience has taken it all in, tuned in and stayed loyal. Rough changes in ratings, sometimes scary, only prove how people respond. There’s value in that.

When News Is Bad, They Turn Up The Hits - August 29, 2013
Perhaps it is the spirit of the times. Hit music is again a winner in audience surveys, news and information not so much. For private broadcasters it’s a good thing. But public broadcasters face questions.

Results In: No Leaping Lizards - August 1, 2013
Mature markets become predictable. It becomes a goal for organizations as surprises, even good ones, can be jarring. Consolidation is both a benefit and a necessity. The downside, though, is consumer ennui.

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