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Hot Topic - Google/Alphabet

Suffering Publishers Want A New Ball Game - July 17, 2017
Newspaper publishers were late, to be generous, to the digital age. Whether they didnít see the revolution coming or didnít believe it is, by the second decade of the 21st Century, a moot point. Readers, subscribers and advertisers made the transition rather easily. Hubris kept the publishers in the dark.

Sometimes There Are Only A Few Seconds To Adapt - July 3, 2017
Seekers of economic wisdom watch for turning points, moments when trends become reality. Technology almost always points the way. Steam engines effectively powered the Industrial Revolution, replacing horse-drawn power. Steam gave-way to diesel, then lighter fuels which, in turn, allowed aviation, forever changing transportation and, arguably, communication. Through this transition rules, conventions and laws changed to facilitate the new and accommodate the old. Horses have survived, their tasks reaching that turning point.

Yes, Virginia, Media Economics Is Still Zero-Sum - March 20, 2017
If disruption is the key to success, these are the best of times. Nothing is as it was a year ago, even five minutes ago. Blame social media. Blame the web. Blame the moon. But all that lovely disruption comes at a price. No worries: inflation will reduce the risk.

The Curse Everybody Knows But No Body Wants To Tackle - March 13, 2017
As the digital revolution matures no one is left speechless. We share. We shout. We are connected. We are confused. Immense wealth and endless utility have defined the digital dividend along with a poverty of opportunity and understanding. These are still big days for fake news.

Words Have Meaning, Or They Did Once - November 17, 2016
Giants of the universe are pondering their fate. Threatened by deep pools of retching bile, they sense increasing danger. Less fleet than the effluence encroaching, they are mounting a defence. It will be expensive but money is no object when survival is at risk.

Optimize Everything For Mobile Before Itís Too Late - February 29, 2016
Technology is better than work. It has a way of expanding to fill not just all available time but every possible space. The great technology heralds report this as transcendent progress, a notion appealing to financial rainmakers. Where technology goes money flows. That explains the sight of so many people holding buckets while dancing as fast as they can.

Brand Building Is A Strategy, Extracting Profits A Tactic - April 27, 2015
Media technology is constantly reshaping. Code-writing geniuses find new tricks to adapt peopleís behavior for fun, profit or the attention of investors. Fewer business plans are written for advertising revenue these days, now that media buying is automated. Paywalls - in various forms - are like meters on oil wells.

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