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Block And Tackle, Dance And Tumble - September 21, 2015
The interruption model has revered status within the advertising business and the media sectors dependent on them. Media consumers have groused for decades about ads getting in the way of favorite radio and television programs. Ad supplements falling out of the newspaper at most inconvenient moments can be irritating. The digital dividend has brought cool stuff to media consumers - and cool cash to providers - and easily excitable advertising people have fallen for the trap.

Barking Heard Just A Few Seconds Into The Digital Park - March 30 2015
Major online platforms have been inching toward the publishing realm, off and on, for several years. Content producers are meeting this trend head-on, more or less, by forming alliances to bid-up negotiating leverage with media buyers and, to some extent, readers and viewers. The recent flurry is but the next round of big dogs circling the red meat of advertising.

Online Advertising The New Digital Paradox - July 10 2014
Online advertising is certainly soaring. If the ad people are masters at getting their messages in front of people creatively, the media-tech companies are reaping rich reward by getting ads to pop-up everywhere in digital life. Big data – collecting, crunching and selling it on - is propelling it all. It’s more than a little creepy.

Listen To This Algorithm - June 23, 2014
Faced with all the hype and hubbub from the masters of the digital universe, the advertising people have, mostly, turned to big data, big numbers and all the boring nerdy stuff. Being creative is less important in the world of Facebook. It’s all about targeting, efficiency and programmatic buying. Well, almost…

New And Exciting Attention-Getting Opportunities - June 5, 2014
In the great department store of life, said a commentator lost to memory years ago, sports is the toy department. This makes sports the perfect pitch for the advertising people. And the digital age has given them more toys. Everybody is very happy.

Ad Spending Rises: Goodbye Mad Men, Hello Bots - April 10, 2014
Advertising people follow trends better than anybody. Their currency is the newest, latest and greatest. But the tools of the trade - slick phrases, clever visuals, unique display – aren’t what they used to be. The geeks have invaded. “Believe me,” said Don, “everybody thinks this is temporary.”

More Ads, Less Sex: Another Digital Dividend - November 28, 2013
Online advertising is soaring. Ad buyers can’t get enough. New platforms and new devices have captured consumer’s attention. But the ad people trade on anxiety as much as optimism. Perhaps social media is replacing the traditional headache.

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