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Hot Topic - Media in Spain

Stars Change Audience Rises - December 7, 2010
Nothing moves radio listeners more than high profile personalities. When those personalities move from channel to channel listeners start fiddling with their radios. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Big Plans, Many Opportunities In Television - October 12, 2010
Big media deals come together for many reasons. Usually its the money, sometimes its the power. Almost always its the trill of the really big deal.

News and Talk Raises Radio Listening - April 19, 2010
Radio talk shows continue to push the right buttons, on the radio dial that is. Show hosts are big brands and when channels make changes entire markets shift. And more people tune in.

The Perils of Constantly Rethinking - February 3, 2010
Financing public broadcasting has become enormously complicated. Chasing a 21st century business model for a big part of the media sector has government planers trying new ideas. Unintended consequences befall those who fail to think things through.

Quick Decision for Spain's Public Broadcaster - November 23, 2009
Spanish politicians quickly agreed on a new head of public broadcaster RTVE. The last General Director left quickly. Perhaps the new person won't move so fast.

Digital Television Advances - The Storm Nears - May 5, 2009
Time was that big television channels had all the audience and, consequently, all the money. Nobody under 30 years of age, in most of the world, remembers. Owners of big TV channels remember and heave a sigh with each passing ratings and financial report.

Spanish TVs urge to merge - April 7, 2009
Recession hit media executives are hearing from their bankers, regulators and even family members. The big question: What are you going to do and when? Everybody, it seems, wants to rearrange the landscape.

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