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Hot Topic - State Aid Rules

Everybody And Everything Competes, Rules To Follow
Repurposing rules for the digital age is, at best, a tedious, time consuming job. But necessity is the mother of regulation. The media sector is particularly susceptible to digital anxieties in the midst of competition unforeseen only a few years ago, or moments, as the case seems to be. Those designing new media rules are sensitive to this. Competitive advantage is always suspect, though not well understood.

Rules Are Meant To Be Changed All The Time
"When an American sees a beautiful sports car on the street he says to himself, I'm going to work hard and get one of those," to paraphrase Australian billionaire media owner, the late Kerry Packer, quoted some thirty years ago. "When a European sees that car he thinks, how am I going to get that guy out of that car." New evidence of this arrives daily.

Another Digital Dividend: Competitors Circling
It’s a new golden age for commercial television broadcasters. The TV ad share is robust, running away from nearly all other sectors. Digital TV arrived and people are watching more, anywhere, all the time. So why all the long faces?

Beyond Haircut To Extreme Makeover
This century has illustrated boldly the world of media moguls, their ambitions and business practices. Tough, tireless and maybe a little crazy they go after what they want, relishing in the fight. Some of this is admirable. Some of it is a crime, particularly when mixed with the ruthless pursuit of power.

Making Difficult Digital Choices
Decisions surrounding digital television transition have been studied, proposed, discarded, studied again and on and on and on. Engineering geniuses just keep inventing better, faster and smarter stuff. The complications are confounding, except the part about money or lack thereof.

The Popular Wave Of Public Broadcasting Slashings
Arts, culture and public broadcasting are always popular targets when governments start trimming budgets. And newly formed governments aren’t wasting any time. This year trimming has become slashing. Next year will bring a new plan.

Broadcast Rulings At The Commission
It was a big day for broadcasters at the European Commission, with two State aid decisions and one for Mr. Murdoch. The “lighter touch” is in evidence. All three decisions are “subject to conditions.”

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