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All The News That's Fit To Scan - October 4, 2012
Producing original news content looks like the next big thing, except when it doesn’t. Harkening back to earlier times, ad sellers are offering original news content to attract readers or viewers or surfers. It worked before, why not now?

Socialized News Media Is Here - April 16, 2012
The online currency of the realm is traffic, the gross count of visitors. Ad-servers pay on some dividend of traffic. Web-masters constantly sort through traffic figures looking for keys to the coffers. But, as that physics lesson taught, there’s change in all that looking.

Online Media Goes Big And Bold… But Not Brilliant - February 6, 2012
Being number one means never having to explain the small things. Reaching into page view, audience and circulation figures for that competitive edge is risky. Like everybody else in this 140 character new media world, media people want just the headline. Details are so messy.

Publishers Boldly Go Into Online Cosmos - October 13, 2011
A relevant criticism of newspaper publisher’s Web reticence has been cultural. Newspaper people, some say, lived in a silo, believing their legacy brands invincible and inflated ad rates would last forever. While no newspaper publisher holds that view today, the industry lost valuable time – and tidy sums of money – as readers and advertisers drifted away.

News Online – The Seven Percent Solution - March 17, 2010
There is an obsession among news gatherers and news sellers: how to share in the digital dividend. The Web has twisted every convenient business model. Tasty theories dry up when salted.

Ok, So Now That It’s Agreed That Newspapers Need To Charge For Online Content How To Go About Doing It? Obvious Answer: Hold A Meeting - June 4, 2009
For an industry that prides itself on breaking the secrecy of government, newspapers don’t seem very good at keeping secrets of their own, so it quickly became common knowledge when publishers held a “secret” meeting in a Chicago suburb last week to discuss the “hows” of charging for their digital content.

Good News, An International Media Expert Says Traditional Media Has At Least Another Five Years! - October 22 2008
Here’s a rather startling fact -- the generation that comes of age in 2012 – just four years away – will be the first that doesn’t know the pre-Internet world. So does that mean the end of traditional media? Marcel Fenez, Global Leader for Entertainment and Media at PricewaterhouseCoopers, says absolutely not. There is life left in the old dog yet – at least five years of life!

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