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Hot Topic - Media in Belarus

Prickly President Trashes Media, Worries Neighbors - June 20, 2011
National leaders can be rather prickly when it comes to relations with media organizations and journalists. Some just don’t take criticism very well. Others seem bent on upsetting everybody.

The Millstone Around Russia - June 23, 2008
Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan – all on Russia’s edge – are pushing media repression to new lows. With all broadcasting and most print media firmly under State control, the Web is the current target. Dictators on Russia’s borders perplex even Russian media.

Human Rights Day launch for Belarus TV channel - December 12, 2007
The multi-national project to beam independent television into Belarus is planned to hit the airwaves on International Human Rights Day. Belsat will be for Belarusians by Belarusians, say the producers. And they’ll throw in Ally McBeal, too.

EC Grants More Radio / TV Time to Belarus - January 28, 2006
The European Commission (EC) granted €2 million to an NGO and broadcaster consortium for rapid deployment of radio and television broadcasts to election eminent Belarus. The Commissioners contribution came the same day as the Council of Europe (CoE) debated neighborly advice to Belarus.

Belarus: Hot New Broadcast Market - September 12, 2005
Nothing attracts broadcasters attention like a hot new market. Even though Belarus is home to Europe’s last major dictator, broadcasters are lined up to get their share of the audience.

More Belarusian Music on Radio, More Belarusian Models on Billboards - January 31, 2005
The Belarussian Information Ministry warned radio broadcasters to comply with new music quota rules or their licenses would be lifted.


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