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Hot Topic - Media in China

Looking East, Looking West And Looking Down - January 6, 2014
Despite choruses from the highly quoted media thinkers of our day, traditional media – publishing and broadcasting – continues to have the one thing hard to buy at any price but that the rich and powerful want more than anything. Influence is brighter than gold. Quite hot to the touch, too.

The Soup That Is Censorship - January 14, 2013
New media has taken its place as rabble rouser-in-chief. Torrents of tiny text can literally light up the sky. Even where censors try to pull the shades, people stay one line – or character – ahead. Anyway, it’s all very good for business.

Memory Hole For Foreign News Bureaus - May 10, 2012
After years of shrinking foreign bureaus to save money, news organizations are finding more and more interest in their work. Maybe dismal economics hasn’t put globalization in reverse. Or maybe there are some trends you just can’t buck.

There’s A Riot Going On - January 16, 2012
Mobile devices are the trendy thing. For consumers, smartphones and tablets are fashion statements. For content producers they are the must-have platform. Will some have egg on their faces?

Strong Brands And Big Walls - March 23, 2011
Having a strong brand is good for business. The attributes are nurtured among the wise. Sometimes big brands smack into big walls.

Burma Chooses Chinese Media Model - November 15, 2010
The digital age has spawned media models galore. There are many to choose from. There’s the internet free-for-all model. There’s Mr. Murdoch’s pay-for-everything model. There’s also the Chinese model.

Brand Google Burnished, China Bruised, France Buried - January 18, 2010
Enlightenment comes hard to enterprise management struggling day-to-day. Often it’s economic stress that brings on the ‘ah, yes’ moment, usually when that moment is lost. Horizon can make a difference.

China and Media

For the media world China both entices and exasperates. Potentials in this youthful and rapidly developing country are huge. Yet media freedoms are far below world standards. This ftm Knowledge file peers over the Great Wall. Includes Resources 79 pages PDF (May 2012)

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Media in Spain - Diverse and Challenged – new

Media in Spain is steeped in tradition. yet challenged by diversity. Publishers hold great influence, broadcasters competing. New media has been slow to rise and business models for all are under stress. Rich in language and culture, Spain's media is reaching into the future and finding more than expected. 123 pages, PDF. January 2018

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The Campaign Is On - Elections and Media

Elections campaigns are big media events. Candidates and issues are presented, analyzed and criticized in broadcast and print. Media is now more of a participant in elections than ever. This ftm Knowledge file reports on news coverage, advertising, endorsements and their effect on democracy at work. 84 pages. PDF (September 2017)

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Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

The institutional threat of fake news, hate speech and propaganda is testing the mettle of those who toil in news media. Those three related evils are not new, by any means, but taken together have put the truth and those reporting it on the back foot. Words matter. This ftm Knowledge file explores that light. 48 pages, PDF (March 2017)

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