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Hot Topic - Creative Advertising

The Buzz In That Message Is A Wonderful Thing - June 25, 2012
Always seeking the zeitgeist, advertising people have thoroughly embraced technology. With that understood, does traditional media have a chance? Apparently so, whether you can hear it or not.

More Money, Less Madness: The Ad People Are Flying - March 5, 2012
A giant outdoor ad campaign for the coming new season of the hot and trendy Mad Men TV drama shows, simply, an image of the lead character falling through the air. It’s controversial in New York City, evoking gristly images, though the producers call it a metaphor for “a man whose life is in turmoil.” Mad Men portrays the highly charged, brutally competitive and enormously creative world of Madison Avenue of the early 1960’s. The advertising world is still the same…but not.

Good Cheer From The Ad People This Season… And More - December 12, 2011
The end of year holiday season means many things to many people. For some it’s good cheer, merriment, a little nostalgia and, of course, shopping. For others it’s advertising. And, too, there’s a message.

Tradition Need Not Apply - June 24, 2011
Give advertising people a proper canvas, metaphorically speaking, and magic can happen. They do have a way with words. They exist to sell things, to be sure, but also to make the best use of that canvas.

The Ad Business Is Eye Popping - September 28, 2010
Advertising people are used to taking knocks. Their ads are too loud or too long. Some are too rude, more than a few just dumb. Mostly media people complain that ad people aren’t spending enough.

Another Lesson From The Old Spice Guy, Maybe Two… - July 21, 2010
Anytime anything remotely interesting happens with new media, the rush is on to divine some sort of significance. When something quite cool happens media people get excited about being excited. Oh, yes, it’s all very post-modern.

And The Winner Is: New Media - June 26, 2010
TV spots are “a constraint.” Radio advertising? Who cares? And print? Please! The advertising people swarmed into Cannes surrounded by their new best friends: the social media and smartphone people.

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