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Hot Topic - Media in Denmark

It’s Always Something Else, Right? - October 8, 2012
Markets can be cruel. Consolidation can be necessary. For the media sector there is no perfect formula. Dynamics, market and otherwise, often point in different directions and change quickly. It’s like riding a shark.

Cards The Problem As Broadcaster Shuffles Deck - June 11, 2012
As audience shares drop, public broadcasters continue to look for solutions. With flat or contracting revenue streams and politicians wary of details, new ideas look like old ideas. The digital dividend strikes again.

New Radio Channel “Couldn’t Be Better” - November 10, 2011
Private sector media operators have long called for reducing public broadcasting’s output. The overwhelming might of legacy, publicly funded radio and television stifles competition, they say. Politicians, sympathetic for various reasons, have been reluctant to make changes, fearing voter backlash. One of the first newly privatized radio channels has signed on to both criticism and praise.

Press Freedom And The Road Less Traveled - March 1, 2010
The Danish cartoon controversy that sparked broad outrage has flared again. This time it was a newspaper’s apology to Muslims that provoked anger from politicians and free press advocates. The newspaper’s editor said it wants to advance a conversation.

Commercial radios last chance - April 2, 2009
Commercial radio broadcasting lives and dies on its ability to monetize its brand and program. There is risk and it is not new. With public broadcastings built-in advantages the precarious balance between public and private sector media is ready to tip.

Changing names and games in Denmark - October 8, 2008
TV 2 Radio has become Nova FM. It’s the second time in two years a national commercial radio channel in Denmark failed financially and had to be taken over by somebody braver than the last. And the Culture Minister is proposing more national FM channels. Danes, you know, are the happiest people in the world but confusion doesn’t bring smiles.

State Broadcaster Wins Denmark Radio License Auction - August 28, 2006
Reports from the scene tell of a brief, rather dull auction for the Danish national radio license formerly known as Sky Radio. The five qualified bidders had already narrowed to three. State-owned commercial broadcaster TV2 took the prize.

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