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Hot Topic - Mobile Media

Barking Heard Just A Few Seconds Into The Digital Park - March 30, 2015
Major online platforms have been inching toward the publishing realm, off and on, for several years. Content producers are meeting this trend head-on, more or less, by forming alliances to bid-up negotiating leverage with media buyers and, to some extent, readers and viewers. The recent flurry is but the next round of big dogs circling the red meat of advertising.

When It Comes In Waves, Learn To Surf - June 16, 2014
Change has always driven the news. Without change there is no news. Imagine being the weather reporter in Mauritius; sunny today, sunny tomorrow. The digital dividend for news organizations has meant considerable change, disruption and, for some, fun.

Engaging The Avocado And Digital Salad - March 24, 2014
Information by sound byte has long been a fixture of the news business. The sound byte has been replaced with the video byte, in turn replaced with the text byte and now the data byte. As with the old parable of the sound of a tree falling in an empty forest, information is lost, we presume, with nobody there to hear it. Information is now shrunk to metaphor.

Digital Natives And The Price Point - October 14, 2013
To repeat how profoundly the media world has changed with the development of information and communication technologies is akin to remarking how the sun rises and sets. Storms may brew but technology steadily, perhaps not slowly, moves forward. More people have more access to information faster and smarter than could have possibly been imagined at the first of the century. It is an unparalleled tool, rightly described as a web, pervasive in the lives of billions and undeniably fragile.

From The Ad Model To The Drug Model - February 21, 2013
The rapid advance of mobile devices continues to dazzle related industry sectors from media to advertising and consumer electronics. The trend is clear: mobile is here. The rest remains a quandary.

Digital Bait Or Hook - September 20, 2012
The blur between content and technology is giving the public a remarkable array of choices for entertainment and information. Rather than salting out some grand unifying business model platform providers are offering a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Content providers have choices, too; pick a platform carefully, take them all or, well, give up.

Tablet Prescription: Take Two, They’re Small - June 28, 2012
Mobile devices are the big thing in media delivery. Smartphones have been the big thing since Apple’s iPhone arrived. Tablets are considered the next big thing. And there’s a rush to get in on the business.

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