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Hot Topic - Public Broadcasting / Mission, Finance and Politics

The Perils Of Litigating A Digital News Cycle - October 10, 2016
Feuding publishers and public broadcasters are by no means ready to put down their pens, pixels or pitchforks. Battles over the illusive digital dividend shuttle between courtrooms and smoke-filled rooms. Laws are unclear, politicians uneasy and time passes quickly. Litigating the past, in the digital age, is quite unproductive.

The Future Is At Hand – State Broadcasting Returns - May 30, 2016
Public broadcasters working under constrained independence, administrative and financial, risk default to State broadcasting. Those separated barely a generation from dogmatic control face stiff resistance to new and open practice. Authorities always prefer a pliant mouthpiece.

If Satire Fails To Cock The Eye, A Farce Will Soon Arrive - March 21, 2016
Satire, of course, can bite. That makes this comedic form perfect for television; quick, witty and to the point. Farce is theatrical, blending exaggerated characters with seemingly random nutty events. The human mind benefits from humor, noted Sigmund Freud, to “outwit the internal censor.” External censors, having no sense of humor, are relegated to tragedy.

Creating A Path For Some By Spinning The Wind - February 8, 2016
Media regulation changes most when money is the object. Politicians are predisposed to crunch numbers in favor of short-term gain, elections being the most obvious. Broadcasters must consider transmitters, salaries as well as paper clips, air conditioning and pensions. Pulling a string makes the top spin fast enough to overcome inertia. Direction is something else.The advertising people know this.

The Hacks Are Back, Still Looking For Enemies - December 7, 2015
Cultural insecurities are at the root of populist and nationalist political movements. For all the obvious reasons no nation is immune. The media sector, public media in particular, is often singled out for reflecting a more liberal, cosmopolitan society at odds with traditionalists, certainly those with a conspiracy theory or two. Learning from the past is necessary, living there foolish.

Dial M For Mysterious - August 31, 2015
Television people are unusually sensitive these days. The crystal ball shows Netflix, Amazon and HBO attracting viewers as they commission impressive new shows. Broadcasters are being gobbled up by telecoms, cable operators and others seeking the immediate gratification of shareholder value. Unable to keep their hands above the table are the politicians, typically a decade or two behind and narrowly focused on the spoils. It’s time to give that ball a shake.

Peanuts For Traditional TV, Salad Days For Pay-TV - July 27, 2015
Traditional television broadcasters have been backed into a painful corner. Video on demand services of the subscription kind are steadily raiding viewers who will pay for top flight drama and comedy series. Big name live sports is increasingly the domaine of pay-TV operators. Free-to-air broadcasters find the left-overs less than tasty.

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