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Hot Topic - Radio Advertising

Slipping Into Uncertainty And Making It Pay - May 19, 2017
Uncertainty is a rude force on conventional media wisdom. The audience wants their expectations fulfilled, except when they donít. They want to see, figuratively, their reflection, so long as itís very pretty. Then, too, they want to find what theyíre looking for, preferably without major expense or lifestyle change. Uncertainty brings out frustration but only for a moment.

Buoyancy, Weight And Floating In The Digital Seas - February 10, 2017
Pity the poor media buyer. With audience estimates for various segments appearing minute by minute there is no time to reflect. Fortunately, algorithms do all the heavy lifting now. When the numbers change very little it is an opportunity to consider a leisurely cruise and dance with the robot.

For Some, Advertising Is More Popular Than Ever - April 11, 2016
Advertising is a world of opportunity. With the digital space fully open, every sort of message meant to persuade can be crafted to touch just the right customer. This makes ad blockers so popular, the message being inescapable. Ad spending has recovered from the Great Recession quite nicely. And nobody turns down the money.

All Very Unconventional From The Sound Of It - June 29, 2015
The creative side of advertising thrives on the edge. On one side is all the excitement digital media affords. On the other, itís the workhorse of traditional media. Big ideas must fit both. And those ideas can come from anywhere.

A Pinch Here And A Pinch There - February 23, 2015
It is a sign of the times that broadcasters, when faced with a restless audience and restive advertisers, struggle for balance. "Build an audience and the money will follow" rings hollow in the digital era, automated media buying only one challenge. Big media brands are at greatest risk because when money is scarce doing "more with less" pinches. And the audience notices, of course.

Listen To This Algorithm - June 23, 2014
Faced with all the hype and hubbub from the masters of the digital universe, the advertising people have, mostly, turned to big data, big numbers and all the boring nerdy stuff. Being creative is less important in the world of Facebook. Itís all about targeting, efficiency and programmatic buying. Well, almostÖ

The Buzz In That Message Is A Wonderful Thing - June 25, 2012
Always seeking the zeitgeist, advertising people have thoroughly embraced technology. With that understood, does traditional media have a chance? Apparently so, whether you can hear it or not.

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