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ftm Hot Topics 22 June, 2012
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Hot Topic - Media in Sweden

Big Broadcaster Consolidates Market - June 4, 2012
Tough times can be opportunities for savvy investors. The secret, often, is waiting for the right moment. But patience is rarely an executive virtue, punishment being swift. Sometimes having a pile of cash helps.

Socialized News Media Is Here - April 16, 2012
The online currency of the realm is traffic, the gross count of visitors. Ad-servers pay on some dividend of traffic. Web-masters constantly sort through traffic figures looking for keys to the coffers. But, as that physics lesson taught, thereís change in all that looking.

Next Digital Strategy: Be Number One - March 22, 2012
Media people continue searching for that oft promised digital dividend. So far, the major beneficiaries have been techies, telecoms and, of course, investment bankers. In the real world the difference between analogue euros and digital pennies is well understood. There is, though, a digital strategy.

High Ground Shakes In Public Broadcasting Debate - April 13, 2011
Public broadcasters have long drawn fire from private commercial competitors for audiences they attract and the money they spend doing it. The biggest public broadcasters have managed to fend off serious attacks on their financing and mission claiming the high-ground of public service, staying well above the hoi polloi of commercial media. Critics claim itís just not right.

Web Radio Pulls Up Listening - August 24, 2009
Defying trends in other media, radio listening levels in many countries are growing. At a time when media watchers fall all over themselves reporting new media usage up and all other fading away, radio is attracting more people. There are many clues and no consensus.

Commercial radio takes another hit - April 28, 2009
Lousy music and too many bad commercials drive listeners away. So do stupid DJs. None of this is new for radio programmers. The bigger threat to commercial radio is consolidation, too few channels all sounding alike. It could be fatal.

Market opening in Sweden - June 7, 2008
EU competition law is clear. Whether telecom or broadcast distribution, monopolies are forbidden, particularly State monopolies. One by one, they are being unraveled and itís an unraveling experience.

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