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Hot Topic - Wikileaks

Wikileaks The State Department PR Machine Neatly Handles Wikileaks And Its The Media Having To Do The Explaining - December 2, 2010
Want a lesson in damage control? Then just study how the US State Department has handled Wikileaks. Its A PR exercise that should be studied in universities for years. Now, it is the media that needs all the PR help it can get to handle an unforgiving public.

The Secrets Of Fragile Information - November 30, 2010
Thousands of journalists went to work Monday. Some even started early, on Sunday. There was a lot of catching up to doin more ways than one.

News, News: Read all about it - July 26, 2010
The news business is going through difficult times. Advertising revenues are way down, with little clear understanding of the relationship between blogs and the internet to paper media. For the moment, print is the big loser. But, whatever your media preference I do assume people are still interested in getting the news, especially readers who are looking at this article two recent stories show how valuable the media can be in checking the government while informing the public.


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The Millennials – new

In the media sphere nothing is more important than knowing the audience. Once in a generation a target group evolves to catch the attention of publishers and broadcasters, advertisers and media buyers, social critics and politicians. The Millennials, also known as Generation Y and digital natives, are it, with unique characteristics and behaviors. They have already reshaped everything we do. 35 pages, PDF (December 2016)

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State Aid - Media Rules

National authorities have at their disposal a variety of economic measures to stimulate, develop and improve competitive market sectors. Sometimes they miss the big picture or have special circumstances. Within the European Union an executive branch of the European Commission stands ready to clarify the rules of each and every game. State Aid rules are developing as the playing field gets bigger. 35 pages, PDF (September 2016)

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Social Media Matures (...believe it or not...)

Hundreds of millions use social media, billions even. It has spawned revolutions, excited investors and confounded traditional media. With all that attention a business model remains unclear or it's simply so different many can't see it. What is clear is that there's no turning back. 114 pages, PDF (July 2016)

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